Core services

Distribution in Africa

Alto Vida’s roots lie in distribution in Africa, and we are an undisputed leader in the field.

We don’t focus on any one segment of the market, as we believe in adding value to the entire community. We distribute a wide range of products to the following markets:


Hotels and restaurants


Airline catering services


Supermarkets and retailers


Informal markets

Distribution in each of our markets is handled by our independently managed local partnersThis maximises the return and ensures a sustainable stream of income for the farmer.

Importing into Africa

When, for whatever reason, we cannot source a product locally we use our extensive network of global partners to source it internationally – at the best price possible. Decades of experience mean we can navigate the complex regulatory requirements with ease.

Our primary focus is on fresh fruit and vegetables, but we also use our in-depth knowledge of African markets and global distribution networks to import a whole spectrum of other perishables ranging from A-grade beef through to more basic, budget proteins such as horse mackerel and sardines.

Exporting out of Africa

Although our primary business involves getting product to market in Africa, we also use our extensive knowledge of working on the continent to export African products, thus giving them the global recognition they deserve. We work with regional partners of the Alto Vida group to export both raw materials and processed goods to international markets, particularly in Europe and the Middle East.

Our partners in Angola, Senegal, Ghana and Ivory Coast have dedicated teams who focus all their energies on finding willing international buyers for local products.

Post-harvest and value add

The Alto Vida Group are pioneers in post-harvest processing and value-add in Africa, and decades of experience mean that we remain the best in the business. Our distribution centres’ world class facilities allow us to maximise the value of a product by chilling, storing, grading, washing and packaging it.

What’s more our industry-leading high-care facilities produce over 180 lines of cleaned and pre-prepared fruit and vegetables, ranging from salads and soup mixes to julienne carrots and lettuce pillow packs.

Fleets and refrigeration support

We rely on best-in-class fleets to get our product to market quickly and hygienically. Hundreds of refrigerated trucks leave our state-of-the-art distribution centres in Angola, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Ghana every single day.

Decades of experience in the distribution of fresh produce have taught us a thing or two about cold storage and refrigeration. Our commitment to the African economy means we are more than willing to share our knowledge and expertise on the matter and we will gladly introduce would-be clients to our trusted refrigeration partners.