Importing and exporting fresh produce

With over a decade of experience in Africa, we understand how the market works and know how to add value for our customers. While we operate in 10 African countries, our longstanding relationships with valued customers in Angola and Ivory Coast, and with trusted suppliers in South Africa, deserve a special mention.


Refrigerated distribution

Over the past 20 years we have gained valuable experience about trucking fresh produce across African borders. We have also built lasting relationships at destination ports when shipping by sea. We offer full forwarding and local clearing solutions for road and sea freight across West and Central Africa.


Consolidation and cold-chain management

Unlike many other players in the industry we are able to consolidate mixed loads, in the process enabling our clients to satisfy their customers. Working with our network of suppliers we are able to ensure a seamless value chain that keeps products at optimal temperature every step of the way. We have facilities with 1,250 tons capacity in South Africa, Luanda and Abidjan to supply our wholesale distribution points. Following Just-In-Time inventory management we are able to run at low, but effective stock levels..

Retail programs

Marketing fresh produce to retailers

We see retail as a very important aspect of the route to market and we focus on fulfilling retail programs, specifically in Angola. That said, we do supply a wide range of grades to all segments of the market, from informal traders through to supermarkets, restaurants, food service companies and five-star hotels.


Agricultural development in Africa

As part of our quest to improve food security and tackle unemployment we have started our own farming project in Angola. The ultimate goal is to strive for sustainability through reduced imports and increased exports. See more info on agri tab link.

Add value

Grading and processing

We can add value in one of two ways. By buying product in bulk before sorting, grading and packing for export markets (wholesale or retail) across Africa. Or by further adding value through slice and dice, pre-cut fruit and veg, pillow packs and juices prepared at our high and low-care facilities in Luanda.